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Stadler Construction Photography

Providing Digital Photographic Services to the Construction industry

  • 02 / Oct 2019

Taking advantage of technological advancements and evolution, Stadler Construction Photography provides an invaluable digital photographic service to their clients in the construction industry.

"Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Builders especially, understand the meaning ... time is money."

Many costly hours are spent driving to their sites and back just to put eyes on the progress of their projects, inspect completed work and work in progress. This can translate into thousands of Rands in time lost to potential income generation.

While Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Builders will always need to have ‘eyes on the project’, at SCP using modern digital aerial videography and still photography SCP can provide almost real time full 360⁰ high resolution video and still imagery of their client building sites at any stage of your construction project, down to the minutest detail.

From turning the ground to laying the foundation and final completion, Stadler Construction Photography can record the birth and time-lapse record of your project for your digital portfolio or for posterity or to save you time and money in between .

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